A circus clown

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Wonder if anyone wants to step up to the plate and write this book for me. Yes I am in THAT place right now and it is no fun at all. My brain feels squished. My eyes sleepier than ever.

And just... a whole lot of who do you think you are going on.

Get over it, right? Or rather, chill out, kid. Take a break. Have a KitKat, whatever.

But meh. People saying that (or, you know, me saying that to myself) doesn't really help. What DOES is this. So I suppose that's why I'm here with another good ol' ramble because my soul needs it.

So anywho. To move away from book writing because youch it even hurts to think about at this point, let's talk about something funny!

Like, today, when I was asked to take the weirdest job ever next week and I said YES! Guess what it is? To be a clown. Okay, not really, but sort of. I was honest-to-god asked to come help out on a photo shoot because the model is going to be surprised at the end by a proposal from her boyfriend, and guessss what? They thought I was the perfect monkey to go in and come up with creative ways to distract her. That's funny. I probably am.

Writers, or at least myself, seem to have a strange ability to take totally normal situations, normal words, etc. and question them. Make them seem completely weird, thereby making those we engage with either 1) look at us like we're total freaks (distraction achieved!) or 2) wonder how our minds got there and therefore get lost in thought themselves (distraction achieved!)

I do this a lot. It's why I'm called the black sheep of my family. Almost none of them can predict what I'll say next. What word they just uttered I'll latch onto and say something strange about. But it's also what makes me pretty good at dramatic (goofy) readings, and what allowed my agent to call my writing humorous in a way she said she doesn't do so freely. Well, that's good!

Oh shit. I have to go!

Adios and here's to us weirdos.