A Step in the Right Direction

. 1 min read

It's nearly 3AM and I'm wide awake, which is dangerous as that means I'll probably get hungry soon and there's zero food in this petite apartment.

But anyway.

I'm up because I'm 1) jetlagged and 2) have just received news that makes me want to happy dance all over the place and, really, what am I supposed to do with that energy? Tell it to go away so I can sleep? Probably not.

So, what happened is this—ah it gives my arms zaps of energy just to think of it:

I submitted a piece of writing such as I never have before to a publication I never have before, but always admired (Elephant Journal).

It's an extremely personal, lyrical piece, which makes me wonder if it's poetry. I don't know. I didn't think I wrote poetry, but maybe I do? Yikes, I should know this, shouldn't I?
*Evidently, I have no idea what constitutes poetry and so perhaps I should not proclaim that on the Internet.

Anyway, let's call it "something." This something is my first piece that's to be finding a home on such a wide-reaching platform and, more than that, on such a warm platform—one that I feel so internally aligned with.

Anyway, this is all. Just had to let this bubble escape before I burst.

Happy Tuesday morning, Paris!
And happy Monday night to you!