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I offer mindset coaching, providing you the tools to help release limiting beliefs and gain the confidence you need to step into your highest self.

How do I know if this for me?

My mindset coaching is for you if you’re feeling lost and purposeless, and you’ve felt this way for years—if you’ve watched people around you soar in their personal and professional lives and yet you cannot seem to make a dent.

If you resonate with being told you're too lazy; with having told yourself you're too busy; with feeling as if you're just a “hopeless cause”; and/or telling yourself you're just being dramatic when you ought to be grateful...

You’re scared. And your fear is systemic.

That’s why you cannot action-step your fear away. Not yet, anyway. Once you’ve cleared out your toxic baggage, that’s when action comes in. That’s when action is crucial and effective.

But you need to address the invisible first. It’s why you’re harnessed to your pain.

So, if you're ready to do the hard but effective work, if you're ready to turn your life around, fall in love with yourself and your life, identify and connect with your soul's mission, I'd love to be of service. This is for you.


Crytallize The Root Of Your Pain - coming soon:

  • A visualization meditation packaged with a targeted questionnaire, designed to get you clarity on what's keeping you stuck in your pain.
  • $40 plus tax

1 on 1 Coaching:

  • One session: $270 plus tax
  • Package of 6 sessions: $1250 plus tax
    • Packages include 20 minute check-in call between sessions.

Group Coaching Program:

  • Package of 6 sessions: $930 plus tax
    • There will be 5 other people in your session, with one deep visualization meditation and discussion pertaining to the agreed upon focus of the session.

Break down limiting beliefs. Gain deep understanding of yourself. Boost confidence. Identify your dream life. And make it your reality.

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It feels like a lifetime ago, but once upon a time I worked in the haute couture world. High-paced and filled with fashion folk eager to work 24/7 in order to serve their passion for style and craftsmanship, I quickly burnt out.

It was hard. I was run ragged, but worse than that, I felt like a fraud. Whereas my coworkers went home to dive into the latest runway collections, I went home to zone way out of fashion. I flooded my ears as soon as I left the office with wellness, psychology, and lifestyle design podcasts, not knowing at the time that I was desperately trying to crawl my way home, to myself.

...and then I’d go back to the office the next day, where the cycle would repeat itself.

Finally, after a night of staring at my ceiling, I looked at my cell. 5AM. Not a wink of sleep. I emailed my bosses then, and my parents, and told them all that I quit. Immediately after, my body released and I passed out.

What came next was a period of massive flux, particularly when it came to my work. Think: taking day jobs at art galleries, beginning to freelance write, quitting said jobs, beginning an events side business as I continued to freelance write more, adding social media content creation into the freelance mix, starting my first novel—the works!

But what was happening here was so much more than what it seemed on the outside. It was an internal shedding of “protective” layers. A coming to understand who I am at the core, who I’ve always been, but, for too long, had been so scared of.

Ah, there is so much there.

Essentially, I was learning to accept myself as I am, and let go of what didn’t serve me. That meant on a professional and personal level.

This all began after I woke up that late morning, post-closing the chapter on the world of haute couture. That was the day I first walked into the tiny meditation studio on Rue Saint-Roch, discovered a world full of people in real life that cared about things that I cared about, uncovered the transformative power of visualization meditation, dug deep into my own journaling practice—asked myself the hard questions, the scary questions, and, honestly, just exhaled and let myself just be me.

Everything changed.

Friends commented on it when I returned to Canada. And I don’t just mean with respect to my career shift. They saw something else. Something more cellular. They couldn’t put their finger on it. They simply said that I seemed to be miraculously (hah) comfortable in my skin, talking to anyone, following my intuition—writing my novel, hosting events, speaking at others’ events, acquiring these mentors that seemed out of reach, etc.

No, this isn’t magic. It’s wholehearted self-acceptance. Not shiny Instagram-quote-esque “self-love,” but deep-rooted, understated, real love for yourself. And, notably, it’s releasing all else. On the subconscious and conscious level.

Okay, so maybe it is something like magic… xx

PS. If you're here because you want to commission writing, please inquire within, and let's see if we're a good fit! x