The Identity Crises... of my novel

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Hey darlings,

I wrote a lil something about this wild writing journey I've been on this past year with my novel for Kobo Writing Life, and I want to share it with you.

It's been SUCH a rollercoaster ride, filled with so many downs that have left me looking in the mirror asking myself, "Really? Do you really think you can do this? Do you even know WHAT you're trying to say with this book? Haha! You don't. Stop now. Just... stop."

But then so many highs too. Like that moment the other day: I was sitting in the back of Maison Kayser, near where they bake all their beautiful little pastries, and at 6:47PM, I typed my last word (below).

I share this to encourage you to keep going. Wheresoever you are in your project. Don't stop. You WILL make it that point you desire. And, I know, sometimes it seems oh, so far away. And maybe it is, but what helps is just taking it day by day, baby step by baby step.


The Journey:

For eight months, my novel went through a series of identity crises.

My high fantasy morphed into magical realism, as I killed my elven darlings and acknowledged the complexity in mere mortals. Like Benjamin Button, surviving characters aged backward: adults becoming youth, teens becoming children. Metaphors peeled and fell off, taking with them the sunny rays of an unrealistic tale. In the end, I was left with a chilling story about a young girl that looks very much like the one I see in the mirror.

The rest lives here :)

PS. Last line of the novel, for now:

"My eyes all the while stuck on the yellow and red jewels ornamenting my sink, magical and mysterious as ever."

Curious to hear what you think! Send me an email or find me on IG/Twitter and let me know, sweets.