Should I stay or should I go?

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{Thanks to The Clash for my blog title hehe.}

A snippet from a closing chapter of my book. This is just the first draft. Un-edited. I have SO many drafts to go. So this will probably be cut, or changed drastically, or maybe left? I don't know yet. But it's nice to share.

Her whole life she felt like she’d been beneath a lurid mask, sensual yet suffocating. She never expected Adalira would have had that very same mask stretched across its canvas too. Adalira, with its watercolour skies and emerald leaves, velvet flowers and yellow cornbread. No, she couldn’t have guessed it, but there it was.

Perhaps if it had just been Adalira that had been tainted, she could handle staying. But finding out the hand that had marred it was Charlie’s… It was too much. How could she stay in this realm when all she knew of it was that it caused such exquisite, if invisible pain?

She should go home. Let them erase her memory. It would be so much simpler to go back to sitting in cafés with Julia, turning a delicate, blind eye inward and away from the world before her.

Is simple what I’m searching for though?

The whisper tickled her mind.

She was searching for something, but that wasn’t it. Simplicity seemed no different than Adalira: seductive yet crippling. What she needed was to sit down in the muddy waters she saw swirling outside the window just now.

“I’ll stay.”

The words fell from her lips before they reached her mind, but when she heard them reverberate off the chamber walls she knew they were right. She couldn’t leave. This was just the beginning.