Writers don't often know what they're talking about rrrright away. And that's okay!

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I have about ten minutes here so I'll make it snappy. Okay nine now.

Hello, Internet! I have been work, work, working away the past few weeks— this book is eating me alive, in the best way! Today, I was talking with a friend and he said, "Did you ever realize when you started writing that it's okay to not know exactly what you're writing about?"

I looked at him and laughed. "Of course," I said. "I never know what I'm writing about until I've started writing."

My friend told me he looked at writing as if it was a finished product for the longest time. Meaning, he only started once he'd outlined everything neatly and knew precisely what he was going to say.

I've never been that way.

Writing's always been a process. The finished result often, because of this, looks so different than how I envisioned it would when I sat down to the keyboard for the first time. And since I've always just assumed this is how it was for everyone, I was actually laughing when he said this to me. (Sorry!)

He seemed to take a deep breath after expressing this revelation. Like he could let go some of the confines he'd always put on his writing. (Of course, those confines serve sometimes...but that's another post. And probably best written by someone else.)

So here's why I bring this up. Because, as a spontaneous writer I recently had a revelation about the story I've spent the last three months on. I figured out what it was about.

Three months in!

I could look back at the first chunk of time I spent in writing and think "What a waste." But. I actually think if I'd tried to sit down at a computer for days and said "THINK OF A PLOT" I never would have. Because that is so intimidating. Who can do that?

Maybe some geniuses much more talented than me can. Maybe they can actually churn out good work under such conditions. But I can't. That's incredibly beyond me.

Ee. Time is up. I guess we will just leave it there!

One last thing. What I discovered about my story, is actually something I really discovered about myself. And that was pretty cool.

Okay, and another word-vomit blog post!

(I sort of wonder if anyone could believe I write decently well ever after reading one of these..)