Have you ever had an idea burning in the back of your mind? It's clawing at you, begging to come out but, ah, for some reason there is a door and it's stuck, with your idea trapped behind it.

That stickiness that's jamming the door? It's called fear.

Right now, I'll be honest, I have a few ideas trapped back there. But I've decided to share the most meaningful to me now, because I would love your feedback.

So, part of the magic behind fiction is the world created, the world we seep into, the one that kindly demands we leave our day-to-day pains at the door.

Well, I've always loved being able to take a piece of that world out into the very real world with me — whensoever I'm not reading, or when the book is done and I miss it. Colour me crazy but I've been thinking lately that I want to offer that to my readers by way of perfume, or jewelry.


Here's what I have: knowledge of how to go about this, the desire to make something beautiful and high quality.

Here's what I don't have: an idea whether or not this is interesting to you guys.

So here I am wondering, what do you guys think? Are you interested?

Please send me an email to let me know!