Sit in the chair and write

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A very weird day.

A writing day, but a what-is-going-on-with-my-head sort of writing day. After finishing yesterday's writing on the biggest high—I'd had a really intense burst of writing that just left me on a cloud, I came into today arrogantly thinking, "I had it yesterday. I'll have it today." (AKA: Hello writing. I'm here. Let's go!)

Well that didn't happen.

My concentration was like a fruit fly's until 7:45PM when I returned to my chair after a quick 2 minute walk and said, "Come hell or high water you are writing something today. You will not leave until you do."

OFTEN, that can lead to shitty writing. But that's okay, because I just needed to get something out. I was starting to feel anxiety building up in me as it does when the end of the day rolls around and, this kid being a MORNING person freaks the hell out looking at her work achieved (or rather, not achieved).

I can't say yet whether what just exploded from my fingertips in the last two hours was

a) garbage
b) mediocre
c) gold


d) a mix of all three

Only tomorrow's fresh eyes will tell, but I do know that I feel SO much better having gotten that scene out of me. I read that other writers feel this too. That a day is not complete without something written (hello blog, you do not count, sorry). I hope that's true. I'm quite sure it is, as the one thing I've definitely come to realize lately is that those things we think are our unique flaws/weird habits/ticks/etcs. are really not unique. We're all a little weird, aren't we?

I know I am.

Okay, so so hungry and now I am off so adios and much love xo