So much love

. 1 min read

I wonder very often whether the people I interact with have any inkling of an idea how much they all impact me. And, because I think that answer is a resound NO, I decided to write about this here. Maybe I am just extraordinarily emotional or maybe I am very de rigueur and everyone feels this way too...I don’t know. But what I do is that every single person I interact with, whether in real life, on Twitter, or on Instagram affects how I feel that day, and typically in the days thereafter as well.

Where am I going with this.

Thank you. A huge, widespread, heartfelt thank you to the humans I’ve engaged with so far in 2018. From the beyond lovely friend who helped me set up this site, to the writer I admire so deeply that’s just followed me on Instagram and proceeded to make my week in interacting with me on there, to the beautiful Parisian artist who’s shared her wisdom with me this week, to the countless Twitter friends that are helping guide me in this writing process — and, you know, just being there to commiserate and celebrate daily writerly events/trivialities. And more.

You all mean zee world to me. And I am shocked every day to see how much love you all have to give to this kid that has no clue what she’s doing and is just waking up each day trying to put one foot in front of the next, or rather type one word after the next and go from there.

I love you all.

The end. 💋