Sprinter, jogger, or nose-crinkler?

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Very quick little observation.

I was out for a little walk mid-day today when a group of kids crossed my path. I didn't have any music in my ears, so I guess I observed them more closely than I normally would have. (This was a split-second thing——I wasn't creepily watching them.) Anyway, what I saw was kind of interesting.

  1. The front two kids were sprinting ahead. They were having the most fun. Laughing, pushing each other to run faster. You know, competing against each other in the healthy way kids do.

  2. The majority of the pack, about 15 or so, were in middle; they were jogging lightly, just quick enough to maintain a reasonable distance from the two leaders that set the pace. They didn't seem as happy as the first two, but they weren't (from what I could tell anyway) unhappy either. They just kind of went with the flow.

  3. The last 4 or so were the kids with the crinkled noses. They were complaining, yelling aloud, “Why are you running!?” Their faces said it all: Ugh.

When I saw this I couldn't help but think, Wow, there are metaphors for life everywhere we look while simultaneously thinking, I know what kid I want to be