Artist Journey

A 6-post collection

Un Temps Pour Créer | Julia Girel

I was finally learning a truth that every eight year old knows: creating is fulfilling. Drawing, writing, cooking, tinkering, imagining, means to extend one’s identity as far as possible. It is called affirming oneself. »

Shana Stern’s Artist Journey

I felt isolated, defeated and purposeless. But the creative urge became overwhelming. I tried my hand at painting, but being unable to hold the brush only led to teary bouts of frustration. »

Michael Ryan's Artist Journey

An artist's life is an incredible privilege. To have 24 hours of everyday to yourself, to be inspired, to pay attention, to be fully in life and then to give it back in your art. »

Mary Tooley Parker's Artist Journey

I think if you are lucky enough to really feel passionately drawn to do something--whether it's dancing, painting, writing, acting, playing music, or anything—you will find that you just HAVE to do it. There will be ups and downs, excitement and doubts, but you have to go with it and see... »