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An Ode to Gabriel García Márquez

It was simply a change in state, a normal passage from the physical world to an easier, uncomplicated world, where all dimensions had been eliminated. Now she would not have to bear those subterranean insects. Her beauty had, at last, collapsed on her »

Creation, Emotion, Mornings, and Conversations {Another excerpt}

None of the rest had finished their work yesterday either. Sure, they may have thrown paint, charcoal and beads onto their respective canvases while her page remained blank, but their output...seemed no different than the thoughts she was trying to sculpt poetry out of yesterday: stillborn. »

Should I stay or should I go?

She should go home. Let them erase her memory. It would be so much simpler to go back to sitting in cafés with Julia, turning a delicate, blind eye inward and away from the world before her. »

The Making of a Villain

His mother was an especially sweet woman, but she was also living proof that sweetness is not the be-all and end-all when it comes to proper child rearing. One day, she went to the best herbalists in the land and asked if they could please provide her with some potions that would rosy up JP's... »

Human Vs. Magical Candy {An Excerpt}

Then she’d tried Nerds, which had given her the odd desire to ask Lena to please ask her how to multiply six hundred and forty seven by three hundred and seventy two, and numbers of the like over and over again for six whole minutes. Then she’d tried some fruit chews, »

Once upon a time...

He was what one may call a “dilly-dallier.” No pebble in his path went un-kicked, nor any weed un-plucked. It wasn’t that he was particularly fascinated by nature and its remnants; it was more that he was apt to getting caught up in his own mind, which had the effect of making his legs move slower. »