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Public Speaking & Conquering Fear

There may be a thread of anxiety sewn into things like creating art and sharing it with the world, being yourself and speaking your truth, public speaking and the like BUT those are not half as scary as watching life drift by, letting fear consume you to the point where you don't even try to do... »

Last lines of the novel...

Our minds work in these crazy, nonsensical ways to try and help us heal, and we just have to step back and let it do it’s thing. Let it run. Let our hands run all over the paper, get all coated in the blue of wet ink... »

Thoughts on growing up

Ah, real life. When she’d be forced into an adult suit and carry out her duties as a doctor or a lawyer or whatever mask of a civilized member of society she chose to slip on. »

When the band crashed with me...

One night while I was still living in Paris an old high school friend sent me a message. "Hey!" he said. "I'm coming to Paris tomorrow night — I'm managing a band (Walrus) that's playing at Supersonic." »

Down the darkest of roads...

"And for whatever reason, his mind seemed to go down the darkest of roads when all it was looking for was the likeliest one" »