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Peeled Back: Where I'm Really At In My Off-Kilter Path

...but you know what? I’m going to try to do this more. Because I think it’s important to be upfront now and again. It doesn’t mean I'm going to be necessarily vomiting up my innermost details, but it does mean I will do my best to show my seams. That is something I wholly believe in. »

Thoughts On Blogging & Community

It's the way I've most deeply been able to place myself as I truly am out into the universe, and receive, in turn, the likeminded souls-cum-friends that I have. And that means everything to me. »

Looking Back at 2018

Do you remember what you were thinking about this time last year? I remember amassing a ton of books — old classics I'd always wanted to read, some on the craft of writing itself, and Ryan Holidays' books on marketing. I remember sitting there that Christmas day, beaming and thinking... »

Rituals & Rhythms

Life can be so topsy turvy. Especially when you freelance. Especially when you house-sit all over the globe. I happen to do both. Still, for my sanity (and craft) I try to keep myself on a fairly regular schedule. »

The Identity Crises... of my novel

It's been SUCH a rollercoaster ride, filled with so many downs that have left me looking in the mirror asking myself, "Really? Do you really think you can do this? Do you even know WHAT you're trying to say with this book? Haha! You don't. Stop now. Just... stop." »

Confession Time

We were going for a walk tonight when I admitted something. "Dad," I said, "I don't know what kind of writer I am." I feel like a giant fraud. I adore writing. I love the process. I love the way it makes you think. But here's the thing: until January I thought »