Thoughts on growing up

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Okay, this is so hilarious. I don’t know when I wrote it, but I just found this little thing in my Moleskine and feel like it fits my main character of my current novel SO WELL. But also, of course, it fits me. Because fiction is reality. And so anyway, here it is...

In a land far, far away sat a young girl. She was in her bedroom, seated on the floor with her legs crossed. In her hand sat a locket. She toyed with it incessantly remembering the days she spent dreaming about enchanted lands she read about in fairy tales.

She sighed, “Those were the days.”

Back then, before she was the mature young woman she now is, she was blissfully happy. When school was tedious or she couldn’t connect to her peers properly, or even just fully, she found comfort in the thought that she would soon be leaving behind such a mundane existence. Soon, she just knew, she would be tapped. By the magical world. The one she believed in her heart of hearts really existed. And knowing that, well that brought giddiness. She would be with her people soon enough. She would memorize spells from old, enchanted books; she would run her fingers through glittering fairy dust; she would fly. She could practically feel it. In her dreams, after all, she flew all the time. That is, when she wasn’t running through colourful candy lands or discoursing with animals who, of course, spoke perfect english.

That was all before.

Before she grew up, as they call it. Before her parents instilled good sense in her. Now, it was foolish to dream like that. It was more important to enter junior high with a focused mind. A mind well-prepared to take on the piles of homework she would be assigned, all in order to prepare her for, first, high school, then university, and finally “real life.”

Ah, real life.

When she’d be forced into an adult suit and carry out her duties as a doctor or a lawyer or whatever mask of a civilized member of society she chose to slip on.

It all seemed perfectly tragic. It led her to stay up at night, unable to sleep, thinking “Is this all there is?”