Why do we cry?

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Was doing research—really just trying to find an old quote to transform into a song for a little line in my story I'm working on—but ANYWAY. Came upon this paragraph by Schubert and thought it was interesting. Maybe obvious, to you. Maybe totally wrong, to you. Either way, it's worth a glance over.

By weeping, I want to impress someone, to bring pressure to bear upon someone ("Look what you have done to me"). It can be...the other...but it can also be oneself: I make myself cry, in order to prove to myself that my grief is not an illusion: tears are signs, not expressions. By my tears, I tell a story, I produce a myth of grief, because, by weeping, I give myself an emphatic interlocutor who receives the "truest" of messages, that of my body, not that of my speech: "Words, what are they? One tear will say more than all of them."
-Schubert: Lob der Tranen