About Me

Hi love!

Nice to see you here. So, I get this question a lot, What do you do?

Here's the shortest answer:

I am a...

☾ Magical realism novelist
☾ Mindset coach
☾ Blogger

Sound like a ton of different hats?

Maybe they are. Though I view them as vessels stitched with the same through line.

I believe that by getting to know all pieces of ourselves and learning to embrace them without judgement, life opens up. Possibilities become endless.

Some find understanding indirectly. For those (and for my soul), I write fiction.

Meanwhile others prefer a more direct approach. For those, I blog in written format here, and make videos on IGTV, and (soon!) will be doing one more thing... can't wait to share!

Finally, there are those who benefit best from direct guidance. For those, I show up and do not hand hold, but rather help them unearth their own North Star.

Thanks for being here! xo


Novel excerpt: The Play House.

More on my coaching:

Having been through massive shifts in my mindset to get to this place, I felt called to help others do the same.

So, January 2020, I enrolled in Achology: The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, where I received my accreditation in coaching.

Living my dharma, I know, means helping those caught in a life that feels unlike their own tap into their inner wisdom, and draw out the true essence of who they are, so they can feel aligned and whole.

Because everyone deserves to feel fulfilled in all facets of their life (profesionally, personally, and spiritually).

I focus on...

Phase 1: Addressing and repatterning limiting beliefs in the subconscious through Deep Visualization Meditation and Free Writing.

Phase 2: Conscious change through Community Building, Mindfulness, and, of course, Raw Conversation.

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