Hey love,

Before I say anything, thanks for visiting my online home. I'm so glad you've stepped in. Welcome! I wish I could bring you a cup of tea but alas this will have to do—


Le virtual handshake:

My name is Mackenzie Belcastro (that's me, clapping because you're here). I'm a debut novelist, part-time poet, and INFP through and through. I like to think of my work as an act of arranging bouquets of words, because that's how it feels when I'm in that state of flow, inking words on pages. It feels like I'm plucking up roses, daisies, and buttercups from the garden of my mind and bringing them together in the form of a tale.


The first bit of my book, of which this photo is from, is excerpted here. I'd love to hear your thoughts! Your opinion means so much to me, truly.

About my other love—

I have a bit of a thing for kindred spirits, which is why I co-founded #SaturdaySocialTO this past summer with my lovely friend Danielle Alexandra. For more on that click here.

It's also why my favourite Sunday Ritual consists of podcasting in the wee morning with my angel Carina Jung. To listen in on our morning chats, spanning everything from creative journeys, to self-care, to relationships and more, click here.

Finally, I do a series of artist journeys here on the blog. Maybe you've noticed them. That comes purely from my interest in learning from my lovely artist pals around the globe. If you love personal stories, those are for you. And if you resonate with any, please reach out to the featurees. They're all friends of mine at this point and I can say, without a doubt, they're truly as magical as they appear in the posts, and they'd love to hear from you. Also! If you want to be featured, send me an email.

Which brings me around to the last tid bit, contact:

Email: mackenzie@mackenziebelcastro.com
IG & Twitter: @mackbelcastro

Much love,

PS. I also have a poetic e-pocketbook just to hold your hand if you're feeling down on your creative journey. It includes stories and advice of Van Gogh, Viktor Frankl, Hemingway and more. Regularly, I collect an email for it, but since you're here: freebie, just pour you ok? Don't tell! Click here for that.

Thanks for stopping by!