Healing Meditations: Sink into the present moment, commune with your soul, breathe into the energy you wish to embody

Yoga Nidra Session

For those seeking deep rest and transformative healing. Try out a Yoga Nidra session for free right way.


This meditation includes gentle breathing and a guided visualization. Re-parenting takes time—return to this meditation as often as needed.


Glain clarity on what your soul is asking for, by reconnecting to your True Essence.


3 minutes.

Deep Lavender Rest

15 minutes.

Lavender has a rich history. Associated with magic, mysticism, and peace, it holds deep healing power. When connected to, it brings us into a state of rest and restoration. You will merge with this calm, nourishing, and spiritual energy through visualization, coming to embody it and floating into a state of inner peace.

Inner Peace

4.5 minutes.

Inner Beauty

7 minutes.

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.