Healing Meditations: Sink into the present moment, commune with your soul, breathe into the energy you wish to embody

Transformational Manifestation Meditation

This powerful meditation combines breathwork and visualization to relax you into what we refer to in Yoga Nidra as the hypnagogic state—the state where the body is so calm it's nearly asleep, but the mind is wide awake. In this state, we are programmable, as the gate to our subconscious is open. Once in this state, we will shift into a manifestation visualization, connecting you to your highest version of self, your truest self.
This meditation is designed to change your energetic field, magnetizing your dreams to you. But don't take it from me, experience it for yourself. Feel breathtaken by what your own body, mind, & soul can do.

Breathwork for Reducing Anxiety and Instilling Inner Peace

This beautiful breathwork session is set against soothing jazz music and utilizes calming techniques like humming, slow breath patterns, and gentle stretching. If you're looking to come back to yourself and induce a sense of deep inner peace after a long day, this is for you.

Calm Before Eating

A blessing before your meal. For connecting to your body and your food to bring about a state of peace, and graceful digestion.

Release and Reconnect Meditation

For when you need to release physical pain, emotional baggage, or spiritual stagnation. For when you're ready to reconnect to your body, mind and soul. For when you're looking for clarity on your purpose. For when you're ready to expand. For when you're ready to deepen your relationship with self and spirit.

Bodysensing Meditation

For when you're feeling tension in your body that won't go away. For when you're feeling disconnected from your body, your soul, your deeper purpose. For when you feel you have emotions trapped within you. For when you're looking for emotional release, the return of your natural state: peaceful, inspired, connected, loving.

Yoga Nidra Session

For those seeking deep rest and transformative healing. Try out a Yoga Nidra session for free right way.


This meditation includes gentle breathing and a guided visualization. Re-parenting takes time—return to this meditation as often as needed.


Glain clarity on what your soul is asking for, by reconnecting to your True Essence.


3 minutes.

Deep Lavender Rest

15 minutes.

Lavender has a rich history. Associated with magic, mysticism, and peace, it holds deep healing power. When connected to, it brings us into a state of rest and restoration. You will merge with this calm, nourishing, and spiritual energy through visualization, coming to embody it and floating into a state of inner peace.

Inner Peace

4.5 minutes.

Inner Beauty

7 minutes.

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.