Sabrina Geraghty on a Trying Childhood, Art, Spirituality & Tarot

If you don't know Sabrina, she is an artist, a tarot reader, a mom, and the woman behind The Enchanted Taurus. To connect with her, see below. The interview begins with Sabrina's answer to my question on her childhood. On Childhood Ok so this can be a bit tough for »

Coalescing the Inner & Outer World in England

..It’s right on the River Thames, which means at the end of the dock there are two large pirate-type ships, which do wild things for the imagination... The other day, a group of kids in face paint ran past me — a cluster of butterflies, mermaids, and spidermen. It’s the portrait of everyday magic. »

Fairy Tale Excerpt in The Play House

After all, no one, no matter how powerful, could un-crash a wave, just as no one could control the tune of the times. Once the music was set, the rule was this: it played. »

Peeled Back: Where I'm Really At In My Off-Kilter Path

...but you know what? I’m going to try to do this more. Because I think it’s important to be upfront now and again. It doesn’t mean I'm going to be necessarily vomiting up my innermost details, but it does mean I will do my best to show my seams. That is something I wholly believe in. »

Blaise Hunter on Balance & its Link to Self-Acceptance

The way we balance is just letting go of unrealistic expectations of ourselves. There are days I can't have a clean home. There are days I forget my kid's dance class and there are days I am a rock star and slay it all day long.. So the balance is just acceptance really »

Public Speaking & Conquering Fear

There may be a thread of anxiety sewn into things like creating art and sharing it with the world, being yourself and speaking your truth, public speaking and the like BUT those are not half as scary as watching life drift by, letting fear consume you to the point where you don't even try to do... »

Thoughts On Blogging & Community

It's the way I've most deeply been able to place myself as I truly am out into the universe, and receive, in turn, the likeminded souls-cum-friends that I have. And that means everything to me. »