Tomer Peretz's Artist Journey

"Darkness is the most interesting part that humans have." -Tomer Peretz Very excited to share this with you guys: a peak into artist Tomer Peretz's life. He's lovely, both in his creations and in his spirit, and in his mission to show the less-talked-about pieces of humanity. Okay, »

3 Readings and People That Changed My Life

I was sitting here on this patio editing my latest chapter, and feeling my energy sizzle and fade when my mind began to wander. It wandered off to where it's been so prone to as of late: this land called Appreciation. »

Novel | A First Glimpse

I've been sharing with you the process. You've read some of the pull-quotes on Instagram. But now, finally, I'm pushing back the curtain, and inviting you to take your first glimpse at this dimly lit, magical world... »

Still spinning

If you came out today to support the event, to support your fellow creators, to support yourself in your journey, THANK YOU. I hope you had fun. I hope you made some new friends. I hope you got inspired to keep doing you, no matter what the rest of the world may say. »