Inner Wellness 1:1 Sessions

Inner Wellness encapsulates a state of inner-peace, self-confidence, and connectedness—to others, ourselves, and Spirit.

Stepping into the light of your Truth brings about Inner Wellness. And this is done through (1) unfiltered introspection, (2) surrender and acceptance, (3) and courage to sink in and embody the full breadth of your essence.

"Nature forms us for ourselves, not for others. To be, not to seem." (Anais Nïn)

Through tools like raw conversation and deep visualization, you will be re-acquainted with your whole, sacred self that not only has access to your well of innate gifts, but your power to harness them to serve the collective.

This is about tending to the garden within, about weeding out in order to invite in space—space for peace, for creativity, for a re-sparking of your divinely gifted, internal glow.

If you feel called to this deep form of healing, to this journey of coming home, I invite you to email me.

If you're not quite ready, but feeling pulled to create deeper Inner Wellness on your own, I invite you to try out this Higher Self meditation. (Ideally listen to this with earbuds in, an eye mask on, and, if you have a sandbag to place on your tummy, go on and do so to deepen your breath.)

Remember, the best way to nourish yourself, to bolster your Inner Wellness, is always the way that calls out to you. Trust your intuition; it is the voice of your soul. And be open to change as you change, grow, and evolve along your journey.

With love and gratitude,