Beyond The Limit Podcast

Join Tyler as he speaks with Mackenzie about the process of developing a novel, stepping outside of the comfort zone, and pursuing dreams.

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We're All Creative Podcast

Join Roxanne as she speaks with Mackenzie about mindset and emotion around starting a creative business and doing what you love. From giving up certain things in order to start your freelance business, to building a dream creative life, Mackenzie touches on all the she has done and wants to continue to do in the future.

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Wild Wmn Podcast

Join Elizabeth as she speaks with novelist Mackenzie Belcastro about her journey towards identity, creative fulfillment and living her truth as a writer.

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The Collective: Ode to Virtuoso

The Novelist and Her Pen: an Interview with Mackenzie Belcastro

"Writing is like oxygen, for me. When I don’t write the world feels too fast, too meaningless. I lose sight of my thoughts and feelings. As a result I feel like I’m slowly suffocating."

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My writing can be found on various outlets, including the below.

Elephant Journal

The Hours Lost On Social Media

"Days felt like they were melting into nights, and not in the positive, flow-state kind of way. More like quicksand falling through fingers, without ever being able to be fully grasped."

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The Water on Our Skin

"There we must spill our souls;
shine a light on those demons that dance in the dark;
drip our glitter into each other’s empty bubbles."

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A Good Day

"I watched the beans pile in my bowl, caught between irritation and guilt. I never understood why we all wasted our breath with pleasantries; that’s where the irritation came from. The guilt though, that stemmed from what the French call déception de soi. Or, disappointment in myself."

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Tissue-Paper Skin

"And all it takes to begin shining that light we do possess is a shedding of that mask and a stepping into the silk of our gorgeous, paper-thin skin."

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Wild Wmn Journal

"But in the end, the discomfort was worth it. Being seen as different was worth it. It was all worth it. Because you know what I noticed, not only in the end but during the process? A sense of massive relief, an influx of bright light, a reconnection to my emotions and gut instinct, so much more energy and joy..."

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Writer's Digest

The Psychology Behind Poor Early Drafts and 5 Steps to Making Sense of Them

"We all experience a handful of life-changing moments. Often, they stem from pain. Always, they plant seeds of thought in the garden of our minds, inspire the watering of such seeds with endless reflection. It is out of these pivotal moments that our fundamental tales are born."

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The Creative Penn

4 Suggestions For Navigating The Multi-Genre Waters

"While others may tell you that you fit this mould or that, it is you and only you that knows what is best. Trust your gut. Accept it’ll change. At the end of the day, what really matters is not your label but your craft. Write well."

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Kobo Writing Life

How I Found My Story and Made Sense of My Early Drafts

"For eight months, my novel went through a series of identity crises. My high fantasy morphed into magical realism, as I killed my elven darlings and acknowledged the complexity in mere mortals. Like Benjamin Button, surviving characters aged backward: adults becoming youth, teens becoming children. Metaphors peeled and fell off, taking with them the sunny rays of an unrealistic tale. In the end, I was left with a chilling story about a young girl that looks very much like the one I see..."

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Podcast ft. Lauren Weisberger

On life as a debut novelist, housesitting, minimalism and more.

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