Rest to Reconnect, 6-Month Holistic Healing Program

I've met a lot of beautifully souled women over the years, women who are gentle, intelligent, and highly creative, that have become exhausted by the fast-paced world around them. Many of these women share a common trait: at some point, their imagination was vivid and their hopes were high. They had these gorgeous dreams for themselves—dreams that ranged from career goals to lifestyle goals. Dreams that, over time, out of apparent necessity, they felt they had to let go of.

Sometimes it's a conscious decision, "I can't keep doing this anymore." Othertimes it's slower, more slippery. In either case, the reason these smart, beautiful women have stopped going after what they want tends to come down to these feelings of exhaustion and dejectedness.

Which is something that at once breaks my heart, yet is completely understandable to me, too.

Many of us today are brought up with the belief that we have to push hard to make things happen for ourselves; that, unless we're making use of every spare minute, we are not doing our best, and therefore may as well give up. No pain, no gain, we're told.

I understand this both from talking to and working with women, as mentioned, and from personal experience. There is a certain allure that comes with throwing yourself into something—be that a creative project, a business, or a diet. It is far less sexy, especially if you were raised in North America, to take a moderate approach. Even when we know that moderation tends to equate to greater sustainability.

When writing my book and building my business, I oscillated between periods of intense work and forced stillness when my mind commanded rest. Regarding food, I'd swing in a similar fashion from high-carb to low-carb in an effort to find the solution to my gut issues. As you may have guessed, none of this was sustainable. And all of it left me depleted.

I've heard comparable stories from women I've met and women I've worked with. The latter of which I tend to meet as they enter that state of forced stillness, which they fear may have to last forever.

Hint: it doesn't. Nor does this vicious cycle.

Life is too short.

A beautiful, vibrant life is subjective in its definition. We all have to consider what it means for ourselves. For myself, and those I've worked with, however, there is a common thread. That is, we all desire more inner-peace, inspiration, greater self-compassion and -confidence. We have a longing for grace and a bidding adieu to this feeling like, "I'm just waiting for my life to start," which tends to boil down to a longing for lacking presence.

If you feel like...

  • My dreams are slipping away,
  • Life is passing me by,
  • I'm not living up to my potential,
  • I'm too "soft" to make it, (yet)
  • I'm exhausted and I don't have it in me to keep pushing,
  • I'm perpetually anxious and stressed out

If you long for...

  • Inner-peace
  • More consistent inspiration
  • Presence in your day-to-day life
  • Confidence to go after what you want in life
  • A well-rested body and mind
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • A calm yet impassioned life

I created Rest to Reconnect for you. This 6-month coaching program is 1:1 and will address all of the above.

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You'll walk away with...

  1. Clarity regarding your desires. And an understanding of how to use your time efficiently to make them manifest.
  2. More calm and peace.
  3. Less stress and fear.
  4. Better skin, sleep, and mood.
  5. More energy.
  6. A better relationship with yourself. Including less guilt, anxiety, self-pity, self-flagellation, and more self-confidence and -belief.

This program is for women who…

  • Want to prioritize themselves, but struggle to actually do so
  • Feel burnt out / exhausted (reliant on caffeine)
  • Identify as people-pleasers, but want to break this pattern
  • Are Type A’s looking to unclench, learn the art of relaxation, and weave it into their daily lives, so they get out of this cycle of work, burnout, work, burnout
  • Can’t remember what lights them up and brings them genuine pleasure
  • Are dissatisfied with where they’re at in life
  • Know they want more, but are holding themselves back
  • Identify as highly sensitive
  • Are open to infusing the wisdom of older cultures into their lives

This program is not for women who…

  • Have never had guilt around self-care, but rather can easily prioritize themselves
  • Are unwilling to try new things, make change in their lives, and/or challenge their beliefs
  • Are not open to any form of spirituality
  • Believe rest is for the weak and are unwilling to see things differently

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“Mackenzie has a hypnotizing ability to take you effortlessly on a sacred journey. One of your soul, your psyche, your pain. She puts you gently on the mossy forest floor to watch the light diffuse, letting you sit there as long as you need—to stop thinking, to start feeling, to just be. When you are ready, she gently encourages you to face your own shadows.”
-A. Banis

“Mackenzie creates a safe and sacred space. She provided me with effective tools to help me explore my inner and outer realities. Working with her allowed me to safely stretch out, digest and discover more and more of the part of me that can fly."
-L. Bentham

"Since working with Mackenzie, I've become so aware of how I limit my potential. I’ve utilized techniques I've learned to make some significant life changes and leaps of faith that I was in a lot of fear of doing prior. Thank you!”
-D. Pollock

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