Embracing The Chrysalis, a sacred six-week program

If you are...

✫ Craving peace and stillness

✫ Feeling called to cultivate nourishing tools and rituals that will feed you on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level...

✫ Looking for a community of kindred, conscious souls...

✫ Ready to come home to your heart, deepen your relationship with your soul, embody your truth, and step into the divine life you were created for...

Dr. Leslie and I invite you to join us in our third round of Embracing The Chrysalis, a sacred six-week program beginning April 9, 2022.

Each session is 1 hour, and begins at 9:30AM PST.

You can email me here for more details, or message me via IG here.

What previous members have said about the program...

“The Chrysalis program provided a sacred space for me to be with and process some of the hardest things I’ve faced as an adult. Mackenzie and Leslie both help to guide the students into their feelings and to see how the hardships are actually our teachers. The group of people who participated felt like a soul tribe that helped me to accept my wings. Thank you, ladies.”

— Susana Sanchez (TX, USA)

"With the heartfelt guidance of Leslie and Mackenzie I was able to work on my inner thoughts and emotions in a safe space surrounded by a tribe of respectful women who honoured each of us.

With the support of the whole group I was able to identify my strengths and learnt that in doing so I was also inspiring others.

This experience was deep, insightful and empowering, I would highly recommend dipping your toes to reveal your own inner strengths while using their gifted teachings and beautiful tools.

We are indeed all beautiful spirits living in a physical body and I am honoured to have met each of you."

— Jayne Williams (Van, Canada)

"I am grateful for the balance of energies and gifts that Leslie and Mackenzie each bring to this online group work. Together they create a safe and sacred space (Embracing the Chrysalis) by honouring the truth in themselves and each other. They provide effective tools to help us explore along with them, our inner and outer realities... as they currently are.

Through examples and open shares, we explore our own gifts of birthright and are encouraged to perceive and honour who it is we have come to be.

The chrysalis - as the name suggests, is a cozy little online space that fills you up each week and allows you to safely stretch out... digest and discover more and more of the part of you that can fly.

Thank you ever so much Leslie and Mackenzie- you are each gifted woman and together you create a certain ease and flow that is graceful, beautiful and empowering to all of us."

— Laura Bentham (Van, Canada)