Sabrina Geraghty on a Trying Childhood, Art, Spirituality & Tarot

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If you don't know Sabrina, she is an artist, a tarot reader, a mom, and the woman behind The Enchanted Taurus. To connect with her, see below. The interview begins with Sabrina's answer to my question on her childhood.


On Childhood

Ok so this can be a bit tough for me, but like you said it strongly impacts who we become and I, in fact, 100% agree with that. I had a really hard time as a kid growing up. My mom suffered from addiction and my stepfather was a violent alcoholic.

After some time, when I was around the age of 10, I entered foster care. I bounced around a ton. I had my really weak moments. I think, because I was so young, I just couldn't wrap my head around everything that was going on, the constant change.

I never got to return home, and after realizing I would never get my mother back I used her as my (anti) role model. Some might say that's weird, but it helped me set my standards, and my goals in life. For example, I didn't want to be like her and hurt people around me. I would finish high school and work hard to create a life that was positive. I wanted to help others and inspire. I eventually wanted a family of my own. I wanted to grow into a good person.

Being around so much negativity put me in a really bad place, with a lot of anxiety and depression. I was sent out on my own to find peace and happiness. Being that I never had a stable home until the age of 18, I never really got to form strong relationships with anyone in my family. My family started when I decided to have my son. That's when I found true love and happiness.


On Sabrina's Journey To Sharing Online

I am an artist. I love to paint, draw, bodypaint, and use all sorts of mediums with art and I'm always open to trying new things to. I started my original Instagram with my art. I found Instagram was positive and that I could build relationships with people all over the world, it was something I looked forward to.

It was this positive experience that led me to start The Enchanted Taurus. My page is more of a blog, to connect with others and share my journey. It's very therapeutic -- I enjoy taking photos and sharing images of my life and practices. It all kind of goes together.

I was, yes, nervous to share for a long time because a lot of people tend to think bad things about people who show their spiritual side. Still, I couldn't let fear hold me back. I thought, if my practices have helped me so much, then maybe if I shared it could help others. That's always something I have aimed for. My goal is to spread love, light, and positivity, to be here for anyone who wishes to reach out--even if that means I am the odd one out. I'm kind of used to being odd.

In the end, since starting my Instagram account and reaching those who understand the craft or want to learn about it, it has only become easier to share. It's an incredible community!


On Sabrina's Tarot Journey

I first became interested in tarot about 7 years ago. I knew about it before, but I was skeptical as I think anyone might be if they don't know. Television and movies make it out to be this scary thing like: you got the death card, that means death. Again, not the case.

I have always been into crystals, meditation, and natural paths. As I have said before I struggled with a lot of depression and anxiety. When I was young, doctors and social workers were always pushing therapy and pills on me. (I do want to point out therapy and medication most certainly help others, but for me, they didn't.)

My mindset was, Well don't I have a reason to be depressed? How is medication going to fix that problem if the problem still exists? So, I journeyed to find my own cure.

I had a tarot card reading done for my birthday one year and I was hooked. I bought my first deck right after that reading and dove in.

"Tarot helps those seeking clarity and answers, by showing them things in a different way, encouraging the following of intuition."

So being that I had so many questions, and it was just me and the cards, they became my best friend. I found so much comfort in them especially when I found a deck I connected with.

Learning the cards helped me see things in a more positive light as I mostly lean on my own intuition for insight. My cards are an everyday practice just like meditation. I have space where I'm calm and comfortable and I journal my spreads etc. I also love creating new spreads and sharing them with my followers.


On the Individuality of the Spiritual Path

I think that a spiritual path is amazing and can be very beneficial. It might not be for everyone but if your interested don't be afraid to explore. Its really about if it helps you and your beliefs. I have a 10-year-old son and he became curious watching me study and practice. Now he wants to be apart of my rituals and wants to learn. I most certainly wouldn't push anything on him because I wouldn't have wanted someone to do that to me. I do think it has also been such a special part of our relationships. When we do our full moon rituals I get to learn more about his wishes and create positivity and set goals with him. I also want to point out that a spiritual path can be labeled or not I don't label myself because I do what feels right and what serves me. I have a little bit of everything in my practices and I feel like even though I have studied for so long there is always something to learn.

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