Your Intuition & Your Business — the Reason this Relationship Matters to the Universe

. 1 min read

The Universe plants the entrepreneurial desire in some of our hearts not just to prompt us to share our gifts with the world, but, beyond that, to cue us to reconnect with It in a deeper way than we ever have before.

Very often, those starting out on a spiritual path live in a compartmentalized way, with their spirituality expressed in a particular pocket of time in the morning—and a lot of their spiritual knowledge stored up in the mind, cut off from the body.

The entrepreneurial call is the call to start threading your spirituality throughout your day: to pray when you need assistance, to commune with nature when you need a breather, etc.

When we start to live in a more connected way—when we start to release that knowledge from the confines of the mind and actually embody it—that’s when we see external ‘success’ reflected in our business.

Because the Universe was really just desiring us to get into connection all along. That was the point.

This is why it’s important to factor your intuition, heart, and soul into your business as you build it. If you don’t, you may have earthly ‘success,’ but you're unlikely to feel fulfilled. Or, you may never achieve material success at all.

Remembering the bigger picture, AKA the Universe's intention when it placed that entrepreneurial spirit inside of you, makes this all so clear to see.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to external sources. Traditional business wisdom can be so deeply helpful, as can the wisdom of other entrepreneurs you may find yourself around.

All this means is to filter that which it is you do absorb from the external world through your own unique lens. Take what truly resonates. Leave anything that doesn't align with you.