Matching Your Inner Being With Your Outer Life, via Plant-Based Author Roxy Green

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On Being True To Ourselves

To be true to yourself is to live a life that reflects your soul.
Ask: Does my life reflect my inner being?
If it does not, then it's time to make a change.
To do that you must make a conscious decision to do your deep-seeded, inner work.

Enter: Spiritual Practice

Having a spiritual practice is paramount for growth and change.
It may look like yoga, meditive art and painting, traditional meditation, mindful gardening, etc.
Anything you love doing can be turned into your very own spiritual practice.

This is your soul food.
This is your tool to go within.
This is your map to discovering who you really are.
This is your path to finding your life’s purpose.


Your body and actions will begin to mirror your purpose.
Your words will begin to mould it.
Your life will begin to change, as you grow and become aligned.
-Roxy Green

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