Self-Trust > Self-Judgment

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The call to return to blogging came at the tail-end of a beautiful bath I had yesterday. I was listening to this woman speak on her podcast about a variety of spiritual concepts, and I was really enjoying how she'd paired her words with a layer of soft music. I wasn't sure what I was connecting to more, her message or the vibration of the music, but I didn't care. The whole ambiance was so restful, so soulful, and I felt so connected to myself, so me.

It was at that point that this blog came to mind. For a while now, I've been pouring out more so via voice. As a splenic projector, I tend to get downloads and thereafter the desire to share them rather quickly. So, the podcast has been a great medium for this for a while.

Even though it was another podcast that inspired me though, it was, again, this blog that came to mind. I felt the desire to return to something more simple—a form of creating that didn't require any gadgets (other than this laptop I'm writing on).


In the past, when I'd shift into a new season of any aspect of life, there'd be a small sliver of me that would judge the previous-season self, but I'm not doing that anymore. I'm frankly so over self-judgment. Even just the thought of judging myself in a harsh way feels so futile. Self-trust is what my intuition has been repeating to me over and over, "It's time to trust yourself. Your past self for doing what felt aligned then, and your current self for doing what feels aligned now."

I don't know about you, but I've expended a ton of energy over the course of my near-31 years on this planet judging myself. And it feels really good to receive this sacred message over and over again to lean into trust whenever the egoic reaction is self-judgment.

What's been helping this is seeing things from more of a spiritual level. I, like you, am a piece of Source, a piece of the Divine, and to judge or criticize myself then is to judge or criticize the Universe. The flip side of the coin: to trust my true, aligned self is to trust the Universe.

Whenever my ego needs a little coercing I bring it to a topic that both it and my soul love: manifestation.

Intentionally creating my life gives me life. Even just thinking about it invites in an incredibly sparkly, inspiring energy. So I like to remind myself that the more I trust myself/the Universe, the more capable I am of creating the life I desire.

It's just not possible to engage in a co-creative process such as manifestation without allowing for trust of the Universe... the co-creator.


As obvious and "duh" as that sounds, it's something I need to remind myself of often, especially when my ego gets obsessed with ticking off boxes or performing in any which way.

I also like to remind myself that there's a reason that on a somatic (bodily) level, it doesn't feel good to disengage from my own inner wisdom, to favour external advice, to move robotically throughout the day. It feels bad because, thankfully, our bodies are pro at communicating to us what our souls have been trying to for, likely, quite some time:

Come back into communion with your God-given Truth, your sacred essence.

So, in the name of self-trust, I'm back to this blog for as long as it feels like the medium through which my soul desires to communicate.

I trust that you extracted from this whatever it is you were meant to.

That's all for now — have a lovely rest of your day xx