Advice on Life and Writing from Author Terri Thomas

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Terri Thomas is a light worker, author and, really, just an all-around inspiring human being. She's also a very busy bee, so I caught her for a sheer second to scoop some advice from her, to serve to you all here (and me too! Thanks Terri!).

On owning your place in this world

I decided to own my bigness. What I want is for others to explore the depths of their souls and to continue to do the same. We spend so much of our lives trying to find our place in this world, not realizing that we all already have a unique role.

On writing

Write. Let it all out. Don't worry about spelling, grammar, and crowds. Focus on your intent and express your soul with every keystroke or pen movement. You are capable and your story needs to be heard. I believe in you. Believe in yourself.

Her book Speak When Spoken To tells the story of how love can change hearts, paths, stories and forms.

"Forgiveness is a gift. Love is the light that shows up on the darkest night."
-Terri Thomas

This truly beautiful soul's words can be shopped here.

Connect with her for regular inspiration @myndfullmatter.