A Deeper, Unpredictable Meaning Behind Some Desires

. 1 min read

Sometimes our souls pull us very hard in one direction in order for us to realize that the outcome of this direction was never what truly mattered to our hearts.

When this happens, when we realize that what we were meant to learn was to release attachment to a particular outcome, it’s important not to judge the self.

Our society these days has conditioned us to believe that “seeing things through” is a superior way to go about life. Just think about how many people have an “inexplicable” guilt when they don’t finish a book!

It’s this conditioning that has us blind to the incredible value that may be found in (1) self-awareness, and (2) releasing attachment.

The more we let go of what doesn’t ultimately serve, the more we clear the clutter from our lives, the easier it is to know what truly matters to us—and go on to live that elevated, more purposeful version of our lives.

For some people, what truly matters on a soul-level is fame, by the way, or money. So it’s not about getting rid of everything “superficial.” The judgment there is all conditioning. We’re meant to get rid of that which is superfluous for us, specifically. That’s why we oft need to go through “rough times” in life, in order to be motivated by pain to clear the fog and come into deep understanding of ourselves.

We will go through this over and over again throughout life. That’s the point in life. We are ever-evolving, ever-refining creatures.

So, ultimately, allow yourself to shed layers, to change your mind, to come into new understandings. And remember that nothing is ever lost. You can stop reading that book halfway through and trust that you extracted from the experience of reading it whatsoever you were meant to. And, in fact, you’re better off not continuing to read it when your intuition suggests otherwise.