How to Upgrade Your Life with Ease (& Fun!)

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You can create the life of your dreams without constantly stressing yourself out.

For a long time, I've known this. I've known this because I've seen it—in my mentors, in reading various authors. But, most of all, I've known this because I am deeply connected to my intuition, and so I've heard the whispers in my own mind for, truly, most of my life. (Excerpt perhaps my teenage years where I was so concerned with fitting in that I had no access to my intuition whatsoever.)

And yet, in spite of this knowing, I haven't always lived in accordance with this truth. The reason for this was two-fold:

  1. I conflated stress with "my best efforts." Meaning, I thought deep down if I pushed as hard as possible then I was doing the best I could, and therefore I was putting myself in the best position to receive what I wanted.


  1. Because I had a lack of self-trust, which caused me to assume my intuition was off and that, in fact, I did need to "go hard" to see the results I was looking for (more money, more opportunity, better skin, hell, even—contrary as it may sound—more peace, "I need to meditate in X way every day for Y amount of time no matter what!"). So, when my mind/body/soul said they were tired, I didn't listen and thought instead I ought to toughen up.

If you can relate to this, I want you to know that if you are getting the intuitive hit that you're meant to take it easier, to not be quite so dogmatic, to create more space for flow, then that's because you are being called to let go in some shape or form.

Not, mind you, of your dreams.

Rather, let go of your rigidities.

"Self-punishment doesn’t encourage growth." ― Katherine Morgan Schafler

Your path forward, at least for now, is meant to be more fluid.

Part of this requires cultivating self-trust by slowly listening more and more to the guidance of your intuition.

And then there is the part of understanding the value of changing your energy when it comes to changing your life.

Think of it this way: you could white-knuckle it and force yourself to grind your way to acquiring what you want on the material plane, but, if you did this, not only would the process be painful, but once you get wherever you deem "there," consider how you will feel. Proud, maybe, but likely also depleted, stressed, scared that if you don't keep up this grind-it-out MO, you'll lose everything you worked so hard for, and/or you'll never progress.

And if you're living in that headspace, not only are you likely to get sick in some sort of way, but you'll never be all that happy. So, honestly, what's the point?

Now, by contrast, you could tap right now into the state you wish to be in—i.e. empowered, confident, abundant, focused, at peace—and then you can use that state to light you up from within, energizing you naturally to move, think, create as you wish to.

So often people think that hard force is what motivates them best, but in my own experience, as well as my clients', it's more so being in an inspired, aligned headspace, an inspired, aligned energy that really moves the needle.

The beauty is you can tap into that in whatever way works best for you: journaling about the person you want to be, listening to inspiring music, or, of course, by meditating. By far, my favourite is the latter, specifically visualization.

“Consider creating several Mind Movies—one for health and wellness, for example, and another for romance, relationships, and wealth.” ― Joe Dispenza, Becoming Supernatural

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Superhuman App — use code MACKENZIE for 6 weeks free (make sure you sign up on your internet browser, not the app store!)
Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza
The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles
Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz