A virtual waterpark where our luminous, true selves come out to play.

If you're like most people I talk to, you've already collected so much knowledge throughout your lifetime, and, when you need more, you are well-resourced to go out and efficiently acquire it.

You don't need someone else telling you what to do, or how to be, or whatever. You've had enough. Your mind is full with libaries worth of information, and, in fact, it could use a good Spring cleaning.

All you really need is to take what's been collecting dust in your mind, sort through it to extract what's pertinent to your desires, and, most of all, release your genius—let it rise to the surface where it can be seen by those it's meant to serve.

You may also desire to move through this with a light touch, rather than the draining energy of rigid perfectionism.

Okay. I'm going to pause here.

Why? Because, yeah, I imagine, you've read a ton of quotes on social media that share a similar notion to all of the above, or else, at least, thought this in your mind 1000s of times.

Personally, I've thought about this a lot, wondered, 'So, this is widely known. What is it then that's actually missing?'

Which is when it hit me that, while we're, no doubt, all different, what many of us have in common is that we create change in our lives when we repeatedly immerse ourselves in a supportive environment where we are lovingly expected to embody the True Self.

That supportive environment no longer looks like a top-down approach where we gather at the feet of someone who proclaims to know everything. Again, our minds are saturated with information. (And those with God-complexes are, frankly, annoying.)

What that supportive environment actually looks like these days is a place where we show up not just to talk about what we desire, or philosophize on the journey of transformation.


It's where we are actually living the transformation, embodying the full spectrum of our dream (Truest) self.

Enter, The Waterpark.

This is a gathering where you will...

  • get out of your own way, in real time
  • find clarity
  • move your long-held knowledge from mind to body
  • take gentle but consistent inspired action
  • feel your faith in self grow
  • allow your gifts to be seen and experienced by others
  • step into your leadership
  • actually, tangibly experience how fun and light-hearted this process of transformation can really be

This is for the soul that's...

  • tired of putting things off
  • tired of giving away their power
  • looking to take consistent, aligned, self-directed action
  • ready to be seen, and excited to witness others
  • jives with the energy of community > authority
  • prepared to live as their Truest, limitless Self
  • ready to move through their blocks in real time (in a safe container!)
  • excited to meet kindreds along the way

The Logistical Pieces

This gathering will take place the first and the third Saturday of each month at 9AM PDT, 12PM EDT, 6PM CEST. We'll be on zoom.

There will be tools made available, but you will always be encouraged to assess for yourself whether they serve you or not. Similarly, there will be assignments here and there, but you will always be encouraged to make them your own, or, of course, you can opt out entirely.

The point is to guide you back into the seat of your empowered, True self. So, while there is a form of ultra light guidance, the goal is consistently going to be to have you check in with yourself, filter information through your intuition, make your best decisions from there.

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