The Tumultuous Twenties, A Reflection On Trusting The Path

. 2 min read

Hey you guys,

Is it just me or is this wintry weather we’ve already fallen into really affecting productivity levels? The past few nights I’ve been climbing into bed around 7:30 and falling asleep around 9. As someone who, this time last year, was working until about 9 each night, that’s a bit unnerving. Then again, continuing in that vein really only leads to burnout (which some of you know is why I tend to spend a few weeks in Europe during the year —recovery from self-imposed over working).

So, it’s probably for the best that rest has taken a greater role in life—even if it does make my head spin sometimes worrying about when I’ll finish my projects. Notably, the book. I admit, I find it a bit embarrassing to be going into my third year of work on it come January, especially knowing some really successful books have been churned out in mere months. But I’m going to try to release that fear and just let this all take its natural course. (Can you hear this battle with my anxious mind?)

I think this — sitting with uncertainty, being forced into patience and self compassion — is honestly the big lesson behind everything going on right now in my professional life. It’s like, you know when you take a job you don’t like but then, a few years later, you’re like, “Right, that time wasn’t really about the particulars of that job at all. It was about learning to work with others/ coming to understand the work environment that suits me/ etc.” I’ve a feeling that’s what this period of life is like.

Our 20s are this crazy, tumultuous ride. Especially if you take a different path — an entrepreneurial or a creative one, or one that merges both. My mum described it as “exciting” the other night when I mentioned two more leads on ventures I may want to embark on for work. But exciting can also feel disconcerting, ungrounding, even nauseating (if you have a weak stomach like I do).

And yet, I’ve heard it time and time again from older friends that this time really does pass, that they feel more steady now, more confident. And this comes from friends who have been on this very path. Which is enough to give me hope that it’s all going to be okay. And that means for both myself and yourself. We’re in this together, after all.

So, I guess that’s the modicum of comfort I'm serving up here today for you guys. Comfort in knowing that any nerves or unsteadiness you may be feeling right now, I am too. And comfort in reminding you that, like all things, it will pass.

Stay the course, friends. I’m with you.