Writing Pause Explained & Journeying into the Healing Arts

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It’s been a long time since I’ve written, honestly, anything at all. On the conscious level, it’s because I haven’t felt much like I’ve had anything to say. And, truly, I don’t believe in communication for communication’s sake. I tend to gel better with, “Write if you have something to convey.”

But, in reflection, this notion of having not much to say is only partially true. Yes, I do believe in peeling back from creation, in order to go inward and outward. That’s to say, explore your inner landscape and the external world—live. As the old novelists often expressed, it’s only then that you have something to write about.

There came a point though where I had to begin to question whether I wasn’t writing so much anymore out of a sort of fear that had cropped up like invisible film, sealed the lips, frozen the pen before pen met page.

…which was odd. I mean, I’d thought I’d “kicked that” fear, so to speak, a long time ago. Like in 2017 long ago, when I started this blog.

And that’s when I realized I had gotten used to sharing, but on one level, in one role.

And now, having, I’d say, up-levelled in my consciousness, in my evolution, in my understanding of myself, and having sunk into a new role, well… I haven’t been used to sharing writing from this space.

That’s okay, because it takes time for our nervous systems to adapt.

It took me a long time to even be comfortable with accepting this new (or, rather, truer) identity. What I’m talking about is that of a guide in the healing space. Or, “the healing arts,” as my father so eloquently puts it. I wrote truer before because it’s really a space that I feel my soul has always been occupying, but my human self hadn’t accepted for a long time.

And so, now that I feel it has, it’s time to peal back the next layer, if you will. And begin to write about it.

The other day, I was getting used to writing this new bio of mine as I prepared to send them out to editors and podcast hosts. That’s when I realized it was time to start writing about this path here, too.

For clarity’s sake, the bio I sent in looks like:

When we embark on our sacred calling, it is easy to get overwhelmed, to wonder if we're heading in "the right direction.” And, in the process, it is common to wind up feeling lost and alone.

I create sacred circles for women looking to explore their inner landscape in community, so they can, ultimately, integrate their souls' calling and live a deeply authentic life.

So, I suppose, this blog post is an introduction to how I’ll go on to share on here from now on.

I’ll share soon why I started on this, the catalyst. Which actually starts in a similar place to my novelist’s journey. The difference that will likely be felt with these posts going forward is they’ll be more open, more deep. Because, hey, it’s safe to say one doesn’t enter the world of the healing arts because their life has been all sunshine and rainbows. Right? Right.

BTW - all of this will also be brought to light for the audio folks on my new podcast: The North Star, which will be launching in October (exact date TBD) :)

My intention with sharing all of this is the same as my intention for sharing anything at all: I believe that when we share our own journeys, openly and honestly, we hold up mirrors for each other. This helps us all feel less alone in our journeys, and, too, more accepting of ourselves as we truly are, so that, ultimately, we may all become more empowered, and more capable thereafter to go after our dreams, live in deep alignment, and serve the world from this heartspace, this soulspace.