Allowing Ourselves to Flow

. 2 min read

Quality over quantity. Clarity over clutter. Spaciousness over stimulation.

This is the desire for so many of us at the moment, myself included.

Lately, this has looked like the desire to consume far less of the virtual world, and far more of the world physically around me.

I'm currently living in a lovely commune in the South of France, just outside of Nice, and it's here where I've gained an incredible appreciation for the elegance of simplicity.

One of my favourite things to do is take a walk mid-morning. I spent a long while considering mid-morning as a time that absolutely "must" be devoted to working. Now though, I'm more tuned into my own natural flow of energy, which typically leads me to create first thing in the morning, eat, then take a break before coming back to work. And what I love about this mid-morning walk is that I'm reminded, time and time again, that there are no rules.

The reason being because of the simple beauty that I get to witness here at this time of day: women meeting at cafés for a morning coffee, kids playing at the park, men chatting to each other outside of their shops, elderly folks leaning out their windows and watching as people take walks or have brunch or browse the open-air markets.

There is so much life happening before my eyes, mid-morning.

Witnessing this massages my nervous system in the most profound way. It inspires me to consider all of the "rules" I've unconsciously accepted that don't truly serve me, and encourages me to lean deeper and deeper into my intuition.

So liberating!

I've intellectually understood this for years, but the great fear around leaning as deeply into intuitive living as I am now is, of course, that I may...

-not be "productive" in the way I thought I "should" be,
-that I may "fall behind," or
-"fail," or
-"be unsuccessful."

But what's important to share is that what I've found is that reality tends to prove quite the opposite.

The more we are in sync with our intuition, with our natural flow, the more we feel vibrant and alive, which goes on to inspire and ameliorate our work, thereafter bringing greater success.

On a spiritual level, I believe that the reason for this is the Universe is encouraging us to trust in ourselves, as that means we are trusting in It, and, if we can trust in the Universe, then we can find all the support we ever needed to evolve as souls, and, as humans, live our truest, most purposeful lives.

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