Life in Colour

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"We made it to September!"

Or, that's what I may have said, before—when I was ticking off days like they were dusted in soot, perfumed by some god-awful smell.

Well, so long to that outlook on life. I've traded that lens in for a pair that's infinitely more kaleidoscopic. Because... I'm finally doing what I want and not worrying about what anyone has to say.


What that means:

No longer asking permission

...from anyone, for hardly a thing. I know how that sounds. But honestly? Every time I "asked permission" from someone in the past, I was just looking for a way to get out of doing the scary thing I so desperately wanted to do inside.

  • Like quit a dead-end job.
  • Like write. (First full draft of the MS is done as of 6:42PM today. Eee!)
  • Like travel solo.
  • Like move somewhere off the grid.
  • Like house-sit.
  • Like throw an event.
  • Like share my experiences with other people.

All of which I've done this year.

Actually! The moving off the grid is coming up in December and I'm SO excited. Especially after a few weeks here in New York. (Don't get me wrong, this city is straight magic, but I couldn't live here. There's too much going on, and it's hard to remain as uber-productive as my heart desires.)

No longer making a speckle of space for anyone that doesn't suit me

The best thing of all. Life's too short.

I happened to hear a few girls, in my days here working at cafés, talking absolute trash about other girls. And it made me sad. I couldn't, can't, believe there are still humans like that out there. What a giant waste of time to be gossiping about others.

And, you know what? If this wasn't a side-plea for you to rid yourself of the burden of such toxins, I'd consider this paragraph nearly a waste of time to even construct.

But it is just that.

If you haven't, please do yourself the favour of extracting the dead flowers from your bouquet. Roses need space.

Colour returning to the canvas of life

There are still so many struggles, but of course.
(Like staying on top of all my projects, even the ones I don't write about here.)
But! When the difficulties arise out of the desire to get meaningful work done, or experience moments that matter... they don't feel quite so frustrating. It's almost as if they energize you.
I've slept the equivalent number of hours per night this year as I did three years ago.
And yet then, I was ill from what I assumed to be "lack of rest."
(Correction: it was a lack of colour.)

I share this out of enthusiasm for the treasure that is life.

And, a shout out to anyone who happens to be in or near Toronto Sept. 15—

If you want to come to a laidback event wherein ALL of this lifestyle design business is discussed in the form of fellow creators sharing their stories, send me an email. We've got a lovely RSVP list going, and would love to add your name to it.

It will take place in the beautiful art gallery that is Struck Contemporary (@StruckToronto), between 9 and 11AM.

Cheers angels,