Silver Linings & Simple Things

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Hey loves,

It’s only been a few days since I last wrote here, but I thought, given this situation right now, it may just be the time to blog more regularly and see how I can support you all.

So, I’ve talked to many people lately about how they’re doing, and it seems—surprise surprise—that across the board everyone is struggling. Not just you. Not just me. And I wanted to share that because, sad as it is, and much as I do not wish suffering on anyone, it does help to know that these feelings of entrapment, fear, anxiety, melancholy, etc. are universal right now. It breaks down barriers, and brings us closer together as a global society, which I find beautiful.

I wanted to use this blog post as an opportunity to offer a bit of light in this dark time. And that is by reminding you guys of a few things that we can look to for comfort right now.

To start, this afternoon I took a walk and noticed the rich, smoky scent of fire logs burning. It instantly brought a smile to my face, reminding me of my grandma's house up north, campfires and roasting marshmallows as a kid. I don't remember the last time I noticed the smell of fire burning. But my senses have sharpened in the past few days.

I'm noticing so much more now—the sun when it's up, birds chirping in the morning, grounding smells like fire, and also rain.

Like so many of us, my gratitude for the everyday, simple things, which are so easily forgotten amidst the hustle and bustle of “regular life,” has been amplified.

The thought of being able to hug a friend when this is all over really excites me. And rather than feel sad because I cannot do this now, I'm choosing to view this thought through the lens of anticipation—anticipation for what’s coming and how deeply I'll feel it all after going without.

There are some other things I’m actively reminding myself to feeling grateful for right now. Those are more down time and therefore more headspace, which has allowed for a chance to think and reflect on where I am right now in my life, where I want to go. Also, all the creativity that is overflowing online has brought the warmest feeling to my heart. Watching artists worldwide open themselves up and pour out for the benefit of all... it's inspiring. It's inspired me to get back to creating for creation's sake.

Though I could putter on, I will stop here, leaving you all with something I read today that made me smile:

The Renaissance is also referred to as the Black Death Renaissance, because this artistic rebirth came out of the destruction caused by the Bubonic Plague. So we already have historical precedent for the cultural rebirth that is happening, and will continue to happen over the coming years. And where was the birthplace of the Renaissance… Italy. If they’ve rebuilt and reborn before, they can do it again.
-Via Soul Pancake

Okay angels, keep your spirits. We’ll get through this together. xx