Silver Linings & Rollercoaster Rides

. 2 min read

Just when things get tough, there comes that silver lining.

I believe this so deeply. I've had an inordinate amount of difficult days this year, but for whatsoever reason whenever I seem to be having an exquisitely tough day, I find myself stepping into an evening that is entrenched in a glow of warm light.

(As discussed in ep. 3 of Once Around The World.)

Today I spent seven (?) hours fine-tuning a piece for Writer's Digest on the role of cognitive dissonance in crappy, first drafts. (Ironic?)

Then, just as I was about ready to pull my hair out, I check my neglected cell phone to find a message from a writer I've never been in contact with before, but I so admire for all he's crafted (writing and business wise).

My jaw dropped. So, extraordinarily grateful to hear from the likes of him.

(What a beautiful time this is to live—
When those we look up to are so accessible, and, gosh, so nice, too.)

Want to know what he said?

He said, "How's the writing coming?"

It doesn't sound like much, but it's those little gestures, those first connections, those tiny words that brighten the course of a day.

Okay and then, he went on to encourage me with my novel: "You can make a living."

AFTER, the lovely lil soul made a video for his following based on the conversation we had. So, if you want to hear his advice too, it's all here:

Anyway, point is, this path is so non-linear. It's an honest to god rollercoaster, but I am so, so happy and grateful to be strapped in. And I'm so proud and inspired by all you guys too, for doing the same. You all lift me up.

Before I slip into sleep, I am sending this tiny update to anyone from the UK:
I will officially be there December & January. So, if you're a kindred soul, send me an email, and we can get some tea and scones.

PS. Fine artists wanting to collaborate, let me know! I have ideas spinning of how we can weave our work together. x