How to Feel Good Now and Manifest Your Dreams

. 2 min read

Too many people dim their light.

In person and on social media.

We’ve come to a funny place where it’s normal to share our highlight reels, but not so normal to go into depth about how we really feel when we feel good.

It seems we’re more comfortable with sharing our struggles than sharing our bliss, and I think that’s harmful—it conditions us to be more comfortable connecting over pain, and therefore to lean into our more dimmed state in order to be “accepted.”

I’m tired of that.

I’ve had a lot of people say to me lately that it seems like I’m in a very good place, and, the truth is, I am. I haven’t felt so dang good in… ever. And I’m happy to share that’s because of an internal shift toward deep trust.

Trust in myself, that if I’m feeling stressed out, my body is signalling me to slow the heck down. And it is safe to do so. It is preferable to do so.

And trust in the universe, that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, and things are working out.

This shift came after a... difficult Spring. To explain, in April/May, I went off in a direction that was rather misaligned. I was hustling my butt off for something I didn't even want deep down. As a result, those were some of the most stressful months I've experienced in years. My cortisol was through the roof, making me jumpy in cafés when dishes clanged too loudly, and also, my god, my skin broke out all over my body. Beyond that I was extraordinarily me-focused, which is far from the recipe for good mental health.

So, in June, when I got back to Europe, I remember waking up the 2nd day back and being like, “I’m done.” I didn't want the uber-anxious energy in our new space. And I didn't want to waste the summer stewing in that unnecessary pain. So, in that moment I committed to embodying the energy I wanted to be in: grounded, clear, calm, adamantly not pushing for things so freaking hard. That ISN’T the way. And I knew that all along, too. I just chose to battle against my intuition for a while.

So, when I stopped pushing and committed to trust, there came the beautiful domino effect. Naturally, I created more space again for daydreaming, visualizing, meditating, moving more slowly… And then, my mind & body relaxed, followed more quickly than I expected by positive change in my external world (new opportunities, etc.).

Committing to that trust was enough to get to that point. But when I began to weave Superhuman App into my routine... whew, that took things to the next level.

From calm to calm AND deeply inspired & certain that all I wanted to be, I could be — heck, I already was — not just because I was “thinking good thoughts,” but because I was repeatedly conditioning myself to choose right here, right now to be the person who already has everything she wants.

If you want to try Superhuman, click here and use promo code MACKENZIE for 6 wks totally free. I so rarely say this, but this is truly a life-changer.

And, of course, if you want more guidance on your journey to embracing your most aligned self and really crafting the life of your dreams — without taxing your nervous systemmessage me and let's chat.

With love,