An Ode to Gabriel García Márquez

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If there's one writer that I'd most love to meet, it would be this man. And though he's passed now, I'm also willing to bet if anyone at all has discovered magic dust that brings one back to life, it's him. So, I'm still holding out hope that one day we may meet and chat. (Weird? Yes. True desire? Also, yes.)

But for now, all I can do is share with you a quote from one of the most chilling short stories of his, and a personal favourite:

"If she really was there, floating beside her were other pure spirits, those of children who had died without baptism, who had been dying for a thousand years. In the darkness she tried to find next to her those beings who must have been much purer, ever so much simpler, than she. Completely isolated from the physical world, condemned to a sleepwalking and eternal life. Maybe the "boy" was there looking for an exit that would lead him to his body...
Had she died, perhaps? No. It was simply a change in state, a normal passage from the physical world to an easier, uncomplicated world, where all dimensions had been eliminated.
Now she would not have to bear those subterranean insects.
Her beauty had, at last, collapsed on her."
Eva Is Inside Her Cat, Collected Stories

Beautifully terrifying, isn't it?

Well now, I'm off to read a sunnier story before I fall to sleep because otherwise... well, I'm alone, it's dark out, and I'm prone to an over-active imagination.

SO anyway angels, goodnight!