On Happiness

. 2 min read

Hello my loves,

It's been quite a while. Yesterday, I had the urge to write, but I didn't. That's okay. I chose to dance around my apartment instead - another beautiful, if far more abstract, way, to process feelings.

Anyway, here I am today. What pushed me to write tonight was that I was ubering home, on my phone getting back to people lalala, when I paused—

Indian music was playing in the car. I can't say whether or not it was spiritual but, to me, it sure felt that way. I put my phone away in that instant and began to think about the past little while.

In short, there's been a shift. The grey has sifted out and I've come into the light. What that feels like is peace, because this shift is not only genuine, but it is deep. I can feel it in my bones.

What's more, I can see it in my daily life. It's interesting, really, how the way we feel inside shows up on the outside.

This past week so much came through by way of business. It makes me think even more that, perhaps, the spiritualists are right. Perhaps I was blocking things from coming to me because I was holding onto the past. And now that I've let go... truly, finally, let the Universe take its course with that all (AKA accepted that we may come together again, and we may not, and, either way, I'll be okay because I have myself and that is beyond enough)... Well, now opportunities are pouring in. And they're wrapped with so much energy, so much affirming light that I've felt as if I may burst many times in the past seven days.

There's not much more to say for now, other than this: this path, this entrepreneurial artist path.. It's filled with ups and downs. Tie in emotional turmoil and those ups and downs only sharpen, intensify. But that's okay, you know? Because, if we can remember that we can get through even the bleakest times, we will always find the light again, and we will find it in a state of greater strength, greater self-respect, greater love for not only ourselves but those on this offbeat path with us... Well, we can do so much. We can strive for so much. And that is rather powerful, I'd say.

Okay, that's all.

Dream big.

And goodnight, sweets xx